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January 2017 Newsletter

Pure silence

Surrey Creations as a photographer.

Silent Pool Distillers was my first photograph that was published by Surrey Life Magazine. It really captured my project objective:

"The photographic series came out of the desire to produce one image to tell the whole story of characters in their work environment. Capturing on camera the complete creation process showing their unique crafts and skills. From commercial products to art work, from concept to completion - end to end."

From the water pipe (Bottom left) collecting from the Silent Pool, developing the taste (Right), cooking the gin using the copper 'distilling', tasting and the final beautiful bottles (Bottom right). Also managed to get around a regular challenge for a photographer, the reflection on the beautiful copper.

Do forward the newsletter to anybody who may be interested so they can join and see Feb 2017 from Sussex!

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p: 01252 70 50 60 - m: 07983 693545

Article - Sussex Life - June 2015 - SUSSEX CREATION

Pure silence

In the first of a new monthly series going behind the scenes with Surrey's makers and producers, we meet the Silent Pool Distillers at their Albury'laboratory'

Powered by the waters of Surrey beauty spot, Silent Pool, and hardwood from the woods of Albury, there's a new gin in town that is so good it's already gone intentional.

"While our Albury Limited Release gin has been a great success locally, our March release of Silent Pool Gin is now shipped to Denmark, around the UK and is going through US approval," says Silent Pool Distillers' founder Ian McCulloch, a former commerdal director of ITV.

"It also made it onto the artisan gins list of P&O's new flagship, Britannia. It is our mission to create high-quality, small-batch, artisanal spirits, using only the finest local ingredients"

Based on the Duke of Northumberland's Albury Estate, in previously dilapidated farm buildings next to the mythical Silent Pool, its been a meteoric rise for the distillery, which only produced its first bottles at the end of 2014.

"We've been having a lot of fun experimenting with our specially made copper 'still' since we got one licence in October," says Ian. "There's plenty more to come and we're always trying new things." 

From apple brandy using fruit from Bramley's Birtley Estate to limited release liqueurs likely to be available this summer, a vodka this autumn and a 'Moonshine' whisky that is currently aging in oak, chestnut, mulberry, acacia, pear and juniper barrels, there is no limit to the ambitiom of this vibrant team.
Silent Pool Distillers, Albury GU5 9BW.
Tel: 01483 229136. Web:


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