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June 2017 Newsletter

A Photographers Monthly Newsletter

"Belt Up"

Belt Up' - Tom Sanderson of Hawkmoth Leather makes beautiful leather belts in Brighton.

Published in Sussex Life Magazine - Feb 2016
My second image in Sussex Life Magazine !
It was agreat photoshoot were Tom works in a shed in Sussex. We moved the table into the centre of the workshop to show the paint and tools on the left and Tom to the right, drawing angle into the focus point of his hands tightening the leather. Plus all the studio lights were just outside the door and window .... Thank you Tom !
If you would like a leather belt, you must go to his website:

Creations as a photographer.


In the June 2017 Newsletter, I have covered :

  • Sussex Creations - 'Belt Up'
  • Surrey Creations - 'Top Gear'

"The photographic series came out of the desire to produce one image and tell the whole story of characters in their work environment. Capturing on camera the complete creation process showing their unique crafts and skills. From commercial products to art work, from concept to completion - end to end, all in Surrey or Sussex".

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"Top Gear"

'Top Gear' - GRE Classics, quintessentially British model cars, lovingly hand-craft by Clair Jeffreys, inspired by Sir George Robert Edwards, her grandfather.

Published in Surrey Life Magazine - Jan 2016
The lighting trick was also place the studio lights outside giving good shadows through the window. .... Thank you Clair !
You must go to her website:

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