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March 2017 Newsletter

A Photographic Monthly Newsletter

"Motivated milking"

Surrey Creations: Pierrepont Farm - Never knew there were automatic milking machine! And yes, only got one picture with the cow looking at the camera in a single flash by Angela, Thank you. (PS: Matt, love your title in the magazine: "Motivated milking")

Creations as a photographer.

As a photographer with images the most important, there are only a few words with three pictures to tell you the stories:

  • Surrey Creations - Pierrepont Farm
  • Sussex Creations - Montezuma's

But do forward the newsletter to anybody who may be interested so they can join and see May 2017 from Surrey & Sussex!

Thank you

Philip Traill - Photographer
p: 01252 70 50 60 - m: 07983 693545 
Professional Photographer covering Corporate & Commercial, Architectural, Product & Food photography in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire

Montezuma's Chocolate Factory

Sussex Creations: First hope you had a good Easter! At Montezuma's there was a great team that all worked together to make the one image showing the end2end process: Raw to product. And in a area were I could point the flash light to the 3 main points - Thank you.

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