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Norbury Blue Cheese - Photoshoot

Surrey's Creations Project

The Cheese and Cheese ......  

Neil and Michaela started the business in 2001 making the Norbury Blue cheese from the Fresian cows only a 100ft away. The closed herd graze on lush meadow grasses that was just the other side were we parked at the photoshoot.

The milk is pumped into a 900 litre vat and left cool over night. In the morning the milk is brought to room temperature as the culture is added for the taste, Blue cheese. After the morning the liquid is drained out of the vat, the curds from the wey. The curds are put into the white moulds were the chess drains, salted washed and put into the maturing room were the cheese stays cold for about 4 weeks. The cheeses is packed up and then sold to the local market, The Norbury Blue Cheese. 

But ...... for a camera the damp heat is never easer with steam on the front of the main lenses …..

Neil and Michaela, the cheese experts.

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