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November 2016 Newsletter

A Steel Maker

Surrey Creations as a photographer
A Steel Maker

When I started the project in 2015 and got to know Oliver, I captured a fantastic photograph with the agreement from Surrey Life Magazine to have it appear on a double page spread. As it turned out I could not publish the first image as the flying sparks were directly on the centre line of the page!

The subsequent re-shoot gave me the opportunity to perfect the lighting and quickly set-up to focus on the story in one image. The result from the left: Old bright blue machinery, sparks across to the camera, his designs with part build on the floor, Oliver working, clear central line for the magazine fold!, more designs on the back wall, tools and a completed product/bench in the front right of the shot. A great experience and success with publication for the September 2016 edition!

Thank you Oliver !


Philip Traill - Professional Photographer
Product, Packshot and Corporate & Commercial Photographer across Surrey , Sussex and Hampshire

Surrey Life - September 2016


When sparks fly

From his forge in the peaceful surrounds of Haslemere, Oliver Russell spends his days shaping metal using traditional blacksmith techniques - relishing the challenge of brining the beauty of metalwork to existing architecture

While this may possibly be the first time you've read about the name, Oliver Russell, you could have seen this Ironmonger's work: most notably the gates at Farnham Malting and the Crafts Study Centre at UCA Farnham.

"From an early age. I was fascinated to find out how things were made and constructed," says Oliver. "This leads to an introduction into large-scale metalwork while studying at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham. I was hooked."

Since then, Oliver has created a business in the specialised field of architectural metalwork, working from his forge at Coombeswell Pottery near Haslemere.

"Elements of my work are derived from natural forms, often fluid shapes and structure, and I use traditional blacksmithing techniques to achieve strength and beauty," he says.

In 2006, Oliver was admitted as a member of the esteemed Worshipful Company of Ironmongers and was elected onto the Iron Committee on 2012. As well as his public work, he also relishes the challenge of client commissions.

"While most commissions pose various challenges throughout the process, I would have to say that some of the stairs balustrades I have made over the past few years have tested levels of ingenuity," he laughs.

At the moment, his forge is not open to the public, but there are plans to have an open day at some point in the future and also to demonstrate to small groups. Watch out for the sparks to fly ....


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