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Silent Pool Distillers - Photoshoot

Surrey's Creations Project

A great day with the smell of Gin .....
The Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty, is now also home to the Silent Pool Distillers. Located on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, the distillery takes its name from the mythical, spring-fed pool from which it draws its water. It is the mission of the company to create high quality, small batch, artisanal spirits of the very highest quality, using only the finest local ingredients.
For a lighter style of gin, a neutral spirit is distilled and passed through a basket of botanicals. With these processes, the only control over the flavour of the finished product is in the amount and the selection of botanicals used.
Photographer's all expect the challenge of the reflection and the location was like a mirror in fantastic angle and colour .... a great day that achieved the one picture for the project and additional images for the company.
Plus a fun picture of me .... well sort of ....
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