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Surrey Hills Brewery - Photoshoot

Surrey's Creations Project

A good photographic challenge for a beer fan!  
Processing the hops once they are started early in the morning, the brewery cannot stop, so the photographic moment had to be achieved in about 20mins, also the light was very limited with reflection of the stainless. The only way was using general light and two spots on the key activity. 
Some of the beer:
  • Albury Ruby - A warming dark winter beer that has a hint of blackcurrant in the aroma. Beautifully balanced and smooth, this is a beer for the connoisseur.
  • Greensand - This is our hop monster. Despite a relatively modest ABV for an IPA, this beer delivers an explosion of hops in every sense. A very special beer.
  • Shere Drop - The flagship beer is pale in colour with a subtle hint of grapefruit and lemon in the aroma. The wonderful hop bitterness is complemented by a balanced malt flavour. The beer has a long finish, which is moderately dry.
Duncan "The Magpie" test the beer during the process ....
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