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The idea of Surrey Creations Project ?

So how did this start ?    
What is made in Surrey?
Are we in a Service only county?
Do we design a product and then send it to other parts of the UK or abroad to be constructed?
Having lived in Surrey for most of my life or abroad, I thought I knew the county particuarly in Dorking and Godalming, were I had lived and worked. 
During a family trip to Amsterdam, we walked around the roads of peoples home away from the tourist and came across Bierenbroodspot - The history and unique skills that were in the working yard were amazing and that one picture of the owner capture the idea I took back home. From that the project was created .... 
Projective objective is to use one image to tell the story of characters in their work environment in Surrey, as they create physical products, showing the steps of their unique craft and skills. From commercial products to art work, from concept to completion. 
Some other example work from Amsterdam:
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